Saturday, February 26, 2011

‎!!! just staying true..true to me..and true to you !!!

Sometimes its difficult to know what you need,
When the temptation and wanting and hustle and greed,
I guess what's important is just staying true,
True to me, to the world and to you,
My own interpretation of you is unimportant,
Only your image of yourself is important,
If all else feels empty, seek help from your heart,
For, as much as it hurts it will not break apart,
Always have strength, motivation and faith,
Believe in yourself and it won't go to waste,
If you tell me you want to leave this place,
And its what you really want, I can see it in your face,
Ill stand by you even if that means losing my closest friend,
Ill respect your decisions right up to the end,
My responsibilities I will always serve,
But I want you to be happy cause that's what you deserve,
And if you are my bird then i'll be your sky,
Hod you and support you but leave room to fly,
Cause they say when you love someone you have to let them go,
And I will respect that cause I love you so so n so much....

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