Tuesday, July 12, 2011


i have no special words to say to you.
i have no special super power that can make you happy.
but my Doa is always for you.
hoping that you can forget all your painful past for the better future of you, InsyaAllah.
no one asks you to forget your past.
but i’m asking you to use your past as memories and learn from it.
yes, memories hurt.
but you should not cry over it over and over.
ask yourself.
can you change things that happened?
no. you can’t.
but you can try and do something new.
which is better for yourself and your heart.
figure it out yourself.
to live well, or to live hell.
and do remember.
sometimes what is in front of you is the thing that you can never have.
but the thing that you don’t want to see is the thing that is you really need.
you can close your eyes for the things that you don’t want to see.
but you can never close your heart for the things that you don’t want to feel.
FACT~!! we can never change it...

biLe hAtY muLe bErBicArE...^^,

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